WW1/WW2 U.S. Ammunition Crate Beer/Soda Cooler (Customisable)

Frontline Crate Company


We are offering 2 different types of coolers.

Type One: is the extremely popular Vat 69 type cooler.

Dimensions are 18.25" x 14.75" x 11.25" approx.

Type Two: is the new style 1917(small)type cooler crate.

Dimensions are 17" x 14.5" x 11.5" approx.

Both type crate have a 0.5 cu/ft. cooler, with 1.5"thick walls, these will keep your food/beer very cold for long time.

These crates can be customized to suit. (within reason).

WW1, WW2, U.S., German or British.

There are various photos added here to show different projects that were requested.

Just email us the info  i.e. text, font size and general idea of how you would like the crate to look and we will send a pdf mock up image of the crate for approval.

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