WW2 Prop Reproduction WW2 U.S. Ration and Medical Crates

Frontline Crate Company


Prop version of our WW2 U.S. ration and medical crates.

These crates are available in all the U.S. ration and medical types.

K, KS, C (early and late war versions), D and medical crate.

They look virtually the same as the more expensive crate but they are lighter and shipping will be cheaper.

The crates are made from lighter plywood and are not made for filling with heavy items.

These crates are made as props for building out your encampment.

Please confirm which crate you would like when you order

*If you do not let us know a crate type ,we will default ship a K Ration crate*

Showing in the photos is an example of a K Ration crate.