WW2 U.S. Ration and Ammunition Crates - Items tagged as "Ww2 crate"

WW2 U.S. Ration and Ammunition Crates

WW2 Reproduction Wooden Ration and Ammunition Crates.

Note: Due to crates being made to order, please expect a 20 business day turnaround before shipping.

View all .30 cal. .30 caliber .45 cal. .45 caliber .50 cal. .50 caliber 1917 1917 crate 3 inch 37mm 3inch 4 round 4 rounds 60mm 8 round 81 mm aid aid station Aid station beverage pack airforce Ammo ammunition Armored Piercing Armored Piercing M2 Army Army Air Forces army rations Artillery Australia Australian B unit Ball m2 Bars beer beer box beverage beverage pack biscuit bottle British Bullion C C ration C ration can C ration cans C ration crate C ration tin c rations can Canada Canadian cans Captured Carbine cardboard cardboard box carton chocolate cigarettes coke cold cool cooler crate D d ration demolition dynamite early war emergency rations En bloc Enbloc Erbsensuppe fiber board fiberboard field dressing field ration box field ration d film frontline crate co frontline crate company frontline crates Gold grenade heffenreffer beer heffenreffer carboard packing box Infantry inner boxes inner packing box insert K K ration K Ration crate k ration inner cardboard packing box k rations Kelly's Heroes KS ration KS Rations Label labels large Late War linked Luckies Luckies means fine tobacco Lucky Strike Cigarettes Lucky Strike Cigarettes Crate Lucky Strikes M1 M1 Garand M1917 M2 Machine Gun man cave marine marines medical Mid War mk2 grenade mortar munitions Navy ordnance pack packaging packed packing Paratrooper pork Pork And Beans Prop ration ration box ration crate rations re enactor reenactment reproduction small soda station storage styrofoam T1IGO tin tins Toccoa U.S. u.s.m.c. united states united states ration d ration bar us army usaaf wingnut wood wooden wooden crate world war 2 world war two Wound Tablet WW1 WW2 ww2 c ration ww2 c ration crate ww2 crate ww2 k ration crate ww2 ration crate