WW1 and WW2 Food Labels and Tobacco - Items tagged as "Chocolate"

WW1 and WW2 Food Labels and Tobacco WW1 and WW2 Food Labels and Tobacco Related Items.
View all 10 Cigarettes 1903 1906 1940 20 Grand airforce Apples Army Army Air Forces Army Club army rations Artillery Australia Austrian Bartlett Pears Battleship Brand Block Blue Wrapper British C ration c rations Cadbury's can Canada Canadian Capstan Cardboard carton Chesterfields chocolade chocolade manner chocolate Chocolate Crisp cigarettes Commonwealth condensed milk Coupon crate d ration decal emergency rations Empire Fern Park Brand Fry's Fry's Chocolate Sandwich german german wehrmacht Gold Flake green Gutti Gutti Hershey Hershey's Chocolate Hershey's Tropical Chocolate Bar Highlander Condensed Milk Hormel Infantry Isaacs Brand Lima Beans Jeep June Peas Juno K k ration k rations Kit Kat KitKat Kosa Kosa Sahne Label labels Lowney's Lowney's Chocolate luckies lucky strike machonochie brothers Machonochies Mackintosh's Rolo Magiera's Chicken Broth manner marines Mars Mars Chocolate Michael Brand Tomatoes milk milk chocolate Navy Navy Cut Officers Club Old Gold Olde English Plum Pudding Oxcholate packing Page Valley Apples Page Valley Brand Paratrooper Peacocks Apricot Jam Peacocks Raspberry Jam Pork And Beans Prop Range Canning Company ration Ration Bar ration box rations red cross regie 4 reproduction Roast Mutton rotes kreuz Royal Flying Corps Sahne Scho ka kola schokolade Schoning Snickers Snickers bar Spam St George Oxford Sausage Tax stamp The Great War tin Toccoa Twenty Grand U.S. united states usaaf Van Camps Brand Victrypac Victrypac Dark Sweet Cherries wehrmacht white wood Woodbine World War One world war two Wrapper WW1 WW2 yosetti zigaretten