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View all (Eiserne Portion) .30 cal. .30 caliber .45 cal. .45 caliber .50 cal. .50 caliber 1/2 pound tnt 10 Cigarettes 10 in one 10g 15 rounds 1500 1500 rounds 16 oz 1903 1906 1911 1917 crate 1940 1941 2 claw buckle 20 Grand 2000 round 24 24 hour 24 hour ration menu 24 hours 2oz 3 inch 3 ring soap 30 Lbs 30.06 300 round 300 round battle pack 300 round battlepack 300 rounds 37mm 3d printed 3D Replica 3inch 4 round 4 rounds 4oz 5 in one 6 pack 60mm 60MM Mortar round 7.92 Cardboard Packing Box 7.92mm ammunition 8 round 81 mm 8cm 8MM 900 900 round 9mm 9mm Mauser Afri-cola aid aid station Aid station beverage pack aircrew airforce Amatol Ammo ammunition ANZAC apfelwein Apples Arfricola Army Army Air Forces Army Club army rations Artillery assault ration Australia Australian Austrian axis forces B unit bacon bahlsen Ball m2 Bars Bartlett Pears battle pack battlepack Battleship Brand Bazooka rocket Bazooka round beer Bego Bego Erbsensuppe bego erbsuppe beverage beverage pack bier biscuit black Block Blue Wrapper Bomb bottle Brause British British 24 hour assault ration box British assault ration box Brown sauce bruhe buckle buckle strap Bullion Butter keks butterkeks C C ration C ration can C ration cans C ration crate C ration tin c rations Cadbury's cal. .45 camembert can Canada Canadian cans Capstan Captured caramel Carbine cardboard cardboard box Cardboard packing box Carlisle bandage carton cartridges catch chain Cheese cheese ration Chesterfields chocolade chocolade manner chocolate Chocolate Crisp cigaretten cigarettes cloth Coffee coffee packet coke cold Commonwealth compo condensed milk cool cooler Corned Beef Coupon crate curb link D d day d ration Dallmann Dark Chocolate decal Defy the World Brand deli drops delidropse delli drops demolition demolition block Din 3132 Din 3133 Dog Tags Dogtags Drei ring Dreiring dressing drink label dummy rounds dynamite early war emergency rations Empire empty En bloc Enbloc energy drops Erbsensuppe erbsuppe Ersatz ersatz kaffee Esbit explosives Fallschirmjäger Feldpost Fern Park Brand fiber board fiber tube fiberboard fibre tube field dressing Field post field ration box field ration d filler film first aid flat packed Fleisch fleischbruhe Folding frankfurters Fray Bentos frontkampfer frontline crate co frontline crate company frontline crates fruchtriegel Fruit Drink Fry's Fry's Chocolate Sandwich Fur MG Fuse fuze für M.G garand Gartons Gartons Label gemuse german German Full Iron Ration german latch german ration can german ration tin German tax stamp german wehrmacht Gold Gold Flake Great War green grenade grosskampf Gutti Gutti H.P. Sauce half iron ration half pound half pound tnt hardware Hershey Hershey's Chocolate Hershey's Tropical Chocolate Bar Highlander Condensed Milk Hormel Houses of Parliament HP Sauce Huntley and Palmers Identification tags incendiary Inert Infantry inner boxes insert Isaacs Brand Lima Beans Jeep June Peas Juno juno cigarettes juno zigaretten jupiter matchbook Jupiter Matches K k ration K Ration crate k rations k98 Kaffee Ersatz kasten Keks Kelly's Heroes kisten kistengriff Kit Kat KitKat Knackebrot Kosa Kosa Sahne kraft keks KS Rations Label labels Lackierte Hulsen large latch Late War leather hinges Leibnitz Leibniz lemonade lend lease Lighter Linde's coffee Linde's kaffee Linde’s Linde’s Kaffee linked loaded Lowney's Lowney's Chocolate lozenge luckies Luckies means fine tobacco lucky strike Lucky Strike Cigarettes Lucky Strike Cigarettes Crate Lucky Strikes luftwaffe luftwaffen LUX Lux Seifenflocken Lux Soap Flakes Box M1 M1 Garand M1917 M1940 M2 m2 fuse m2 weatherproof fuse M2 weatherproof fuze M49A2 M6A1 M6A1 Rocket round Machine Gun machonochie brothers machonochies Mackintosh's Rolo Maggi Maggi's Magiera's Chicken Broth mail call man cave manner marine marines Mars Mars Chocolate match book matchbook Mauser medical medical department Meister Trunk menu mess Metal MG34 MG42 Michael Brand Tomatoe Michael Brand Tomatoes Mid War milk milk chocolate mills bomb mills grenade mine mk2 grenade mkII GRENADE Model 9 Morale mortar Mounds Bar munitions Navy Navy Cut NebelKerzen NebelKerzen Schnell Nescafe Nestle no. 36 Oben. nicht werfen! Officers Club Old Gold Olde English Plum Pudding ORANGE ordnance Oxcholate pack packaging packed packing Packkiste Nr 15 Packung Page Valley Apples Page Valley Brand panzer Paratrooper patronen Patronenkasten Patronenkasten 88 patronenkasten 900 Patronenschachteln patton packaging Peacocks Apricot Jam Peacocks Raspberry Jam Pervitin Peter Paul Mounds Bar Wrapper phillips pin Pineapple grenade pistol plywood pork Pork And Beans pot holder Prop R.A.F. Ramses Ramses cigaretten Ramses cigarettes Ramses zigaretten Range Canning Company rasiercreme Rasiplex ration Ration Bar ration box ration crate rations re enactor red red army red cross reenactment regie 4 replica explosive reproduction resin resin bar resin reproduction rindfleisch roast beef Roast Mutton rocket fiber tube rocket transport tube rotes kreuz round container Royal Flying Corps RUSSIAN Sahne schmelzkase Scho ka kola schokolade Schoning Seife seifenflocken Shave Shaving Shaving cream shaving creme sister hooks small smoke grenades Snickers Snickers bar soda soup Spam Spannverschlüsse spoon St George Oxford Sausage stainless steel station Stenciled sternsignalpatronen stimulant storage Stove styrofoam suppen T1IGO tank Tanker Tax stamp television tet packung The Great War theater Thermite tin tins TNT tnt labels Toccoa top hole toy tragschlaufe transport tube trenches tushonka tv Twenty Grand two piece U.S. u.s.m.c. united states united states ration d ration bar us army usaaf utility crate Van Camps Brand veterans Victrypac Victrypac Dark Sweet Cherries violet Weatherproof wehrmacht white wind guard wingnut wood Woodbine wooden wooden crate word war one world war 2 World War One world war two Wrapper Wrappers WW1 WW2 ww2 german box ww2 german crate WW2 German Dreiring Seife (3 ring Soap) Box WW2 German ration box WW2 Great War WW2 K Ration Fiberboard Packing Box (Early War) Wybert yellow yosetti zigaretten