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View all .30 cal. .30 caliber .45 cal. .45 caliber .455 Caliber .50 cal. .50 caliber 10 in 1 10 in 1 cardboard packing box 10 in one 1500 1500 rounds 16 oz 1911 1917 1917 crate 1940 2000 round 24 24 hour 3 inch 30 Lbs 300 round 300 round battle pack 300 round battlepack 300 rounds 37mm 3inch 4 round 4 rounds 5 in 1 5 in one 60mm 7.92 Cardboard Packing Box 7.92mm ammunition 8 round 81 mm 8cm 900 900 round 9mm 9mm Mauser Afri-cola aid aid station Aid station beverage pack airforce Ammo ammo box ammunition ammunition crate stencil Anti Armor Anti tank Rifle Grenade crate ANZAC apfelwein Apples Arfricola Armored Piercing Armored Piercing M2 Army Army Air Forces army rations Artillery assault ration Australia Australian Austrian axis forces B unit bacon Ball m2 Bars beer beer box beverage beverage pack bier biscuit black blue bottle British bruhe buckle buckle strap Bullion C C ration C ration can C ration cans C ration crate C ration tin c rations cal. .45 camo can Canada Canadian cans Captured Carbine cardboard cardboard box carton cartridges catch cheese ration chocolate cigarettes coke cold Commonwealth compo cool cooler Corned Beef crate D d ration demolition Din 3132 Din 3133 dynamite early war emergency rations Empire En bloc Enbloc Erbsensuppe Fallschirmjäger fiber board fiberboard field dressing field ration box field ration d film Fleisch Folding Fray Bentos frogskin frontline crate co frontline crate company frontline crates Fur MG gemuse german german latch german wehrmacht Gold gr.G. Pzgr. great patriotic war Great War grenade hardware heffenreffer beer heffenreffer carboard packing box Huntley and Palmers ice icebox Infantry inner boxes inner packing box insert inspector stamp K K ration k ration cardboard box K Ration crate k ration inner cardboard packing box k rations k98 kasten Kelly's Heroes kisten KS ration KS Rations Label labels Lackierte Hulsen large large tool box latch Late War leather hinges lend lease lend lease crate Lend lease rations linked luckies Luckies means fine tobacco lucky strike Lucky Strike Cigarettes Lucky Strike Cigarettes Crate Lucky Strikes luftwaffe luftwaffen M1 M1 Garand M1917 M2 Machine Gun machonochie brothers machonochies man cave marine marines Mauser medical MG34 MG42 Mid War mills bomb mills grenade mk2 grenade mortar MP 40 MP40 MP40 Machine gun MP40 Transit case MP40 Transit crate munitions Navy NebelKerzen NebelKerzen Schnell no. 36 normandy Oben. nicht werfen! od 3 od 7 ordnance pack packaging packed packing Packkiste Nr 15 Packung paint mask stencil Paratrooper patronen Patronenkasten Patronenkasten 88 patronenkasten 900 Patronenschachteln pistol plywood pork Pork And Beans Prop R.A.F. ration Ration Bar ration box ration crate rations re enactor red army reenactment reproduction Rifle grenade crate rindfleisch Royal Flying Corps RUSSIAN russian ammunition crate schokolade small soda Spannverschlüsse station stencil Stenciled stencils sternsignalpatronen storage styrofoam T1IGO The Great War tin tins Toccoa tool box tragschlaufe trenches tushonka U.S. u.s.m.c. united states united states ration d ration bar us army usaaf ussr utility crate wehrmacht werkzeuge wingnut wood wooden wooden crate wooden crate stencil word war one world war 2 World War One world war two Wound Tablet WW1 ww1 crate WW2 ww2 c ration ww2 c ration crate ww2 crate ww2 german box ww2 german crate ww2 german tool box WW2 Great War ww2 k ration crate WW2 K Ration Fiberboard Packing Box (Early War) ww2 ration crate