Frontline Crates News

New Customisable cooler crate

Introducing  a new addition to the crate family, a customisable cooler crate.

The default crate is a rocket crate,but if you give Frontline Crate Co. all the info, i.e. text, font size and general info for the positioning of the text,we can pretty much make any crate you want.

50 cal incendiary large wooden packing crate

New addition to the crates page.

50 cal incendiary large wooden packing crate.

Great for storing your pup tent.

NEW D Ration bars

We have just introduced a new line in the D Ration bars.

There are the 4 oz and the 2 oz bar,bot come with boxes.

The D Ration bars are cast resin and painted pieces.

New C and D Rations

Now availible.

Wooden D Ration Crate fully loaded with 12 large cardboard printed inner boxes.

Wooden C Ration Crate half loaded with 24 C Ration tins..12 B units and 12 M units

D Ration bars

**Coming Soon** Replica D Ration bars. Solid resin casting.

Open for business

Today our new store Frontline Crate Co. opened for business.We hope you will find the new website easier to use. New items will be added regularly, so be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can be kept up to date with our new products and sales.

Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to hearing from you.