Frontline Crates News

Bacon Up. New release this week..The BACON crate

New this week..the bacon crate..full wooden construction with period stenciling

New item : WW1 and WW2 British and Commonwealth Gel Fuel Cooking Stove (Tommy Cooker).

New to our Ration collection.

WW1 and WW2 British and Commonwealth Gel Fuel Cooking Stove (Tommy Cooker).

Comes complete with metal ring to hold mess tin or canteen cup while cooking.

The stove has about 3 hours worth of fuel ,plenty time to brew up.

This little item is great for out in the field, just throw it in your backpack and it is ready to use.

Civil war crates

We have set up a small collection of Civil War crates,just to see if there is an interest and if it something FLC will continue to supply.

WW2 Corned beef hash crate.

WW2 reproduction corned beef hash crate.

Full wooden construction and period markings

Perfect for adding life to your living history display, or of course to hide your gear.

NEW..Reproduction WW2 British Ration Crate

New release from Frontline Crate Co.

WW2 Reproduction British ration crate.

Full wooden and fiber board construction with period stenciling.

Will hold 48 full size cans.

Dimensions 20.5 x 14 x 11 inches approx,

I can come in Ration type A, B, C or D


WW1 German grenade crate

Added to the collection is a reproduction WW1 grenade crate.

Full wooden construction with black hardware and period stenciling

New 10 in one ration boxes (2 pack)

We have been looking at doing this item for a while,but time constraints have held us up, but finally we have a version of the 10 in one ration boxes.

We are hoping to add the outer cases at some point but one thing at a time.

These boxes are made from thick cardboard shipped flat packed (2 in a pack)

The price for two boxes are $40.00

New in stock. Front seam swivel bale M1 helmets

New in stock.
Front seam swivel bale M1 helmets expertly repainted and textured by Rob Hale
Limited amount available.

M18 Smoke Grenades.

Its been a while coming but here they are..

Reproduction M18 Smoke Grenades.

Available in red, yellow, green and violet.

These grenades are full metal construction, with period stenciling

New Crate Added to Collection..Medical Packing Crate

Just added to the collection.

Wooden Medical Packing Crate, This crate is about the same size as a ration crate so is perfect for holding all your Living History items.

It is all wooden construction with medical stenciling.