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Temporary closing due to refurbishment

Frontline Crate Co. will be closing temporarily due to needed refurbishment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but all outstanding orders will be filled and we will be opening up again on July 9th.

Thank you


Shipment ready for new Great War movie

Shipment ready for  new Great War movie
We recently just finished an order for a Great War movie that is getting filmed right now.

New website online now

Frontline Crate Co. has decided that it needed an update, so we have a new website online.

We are very happy with the new look as it supports new features like the most popular items.

Please enjoy the new look and if you experience any difficulties(as with any new website), please let us know so we can fix it straight away.

Thank you


NEW M1940 Dog Tag chains now available

NEW M1940 Dog Tag chains now available

Prior to 1940, a mono-filament chord was issued to hold the tags, from 1940 to 1943 this was the chain issued to the troops.
The beaded chain was available at the PX for purchase and was very popular.
After 1944, the beaded chain was issued.
It features a stainless steel curb link chain with the proper sister hooks to secure the tags in place.
Perfect for the World War II re-enactors, veterans, or film production.

WW2 Armor order on its way

Order just finished and ready to ship to the mighty WW2 Armor a non-profit organization based in Orlando Florida

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Frontline Crate is back for business

Frontline Crate Co. is now back up and running finally after a longer than expected closure.

We have everything back up except a few items, they will be coming online shortly.

Thank you all for your patience.


Frontline Crate Co. will be temporarily closing due to relocating.

Frontline Crate Co. will be relocating to a bigger better location, but we have a lot of hard work ahead setting everything up to make our operation run faster and smoother.

We will be closed down until Fall 2016.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers and look forward to working with you all again once we are situated and up and running at our new location.

Thank you all


M2 Weatherproof Fuse Lighter.

Reproduction M2 Weatherproof Fuse Lighter now available

All metal construction painted matt black with white markings.

This product is inert.

German cigarette packaging now available..

New line in German cigarette packaging for sale, ranging from $6.00 to $10.00

WW1 U.S. Ration crate added to the Great War collection

WW1 U.S. Ration crate added to the Great War collection,This is a large wooden crate so it would be ideal for storing equipment or gear.